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Mobile Marketing… A Must for Real Estate Professionals

Jan 24, 13 | Posted by: Property by Text on Fun Text Messaging Stuff, Property By Text News, Text Marketing Tips
Mobile Marketing A recent study showed that over forty-six percent of the respondents said that their cell phones were essential in their search for a new home. Sixty-eight percent said they had already contacted an agent to see a home based on their mobile search. These facts alone are enough to say in order to stay competitive in the home selling industry, [...] Read full entry

Home Selling Checklist

Jan 16, 13 | Posted by: Property by Text on Property By Text News, Real Estate Associations
Once you’ve made the decision to sell your home, the fun begins. There are many things to consider and many legal issues to contend with throughout the selling process. Even if you’ve sold a home before, this list will help you make sure you have the knowledge you need to sell your home yourself and gives important tips for selling [...] Read full entry

How Real Estate Mobile Marketing Can Increase Your Leads and Home Sales

Jan 08, 13 | Posted by: Property by Text on Mobile Advertising, SMS Marketing, Text Marketing Tips
By offering potential buyers detailed property information via mobile phone, you are making it easy for them to shop and compare properties to find the one that suits them best. Real estate mobile marketing is fast becoming an essential part of a modern day real estate professional’s selling strategy. Read full entry