3 Steps to Simplify and Prosper in 2013

Feb 27, 13 | Posted by: Property by Text on SMS Marketing, Text Marketing Tips, Text Message Marketing Advice

Real Estate Mobile Marketing

Real Estate Mobile MarketingThe real estate market is a fickle one, that’s for sure. Because the state of the economy directly affects a real estate professional’s success, it can be difficult at best, to get ahead and make a sizable profit. With 2013 just barely underway, we’ve put together a handful of tips to help you make this year a roaring success as a real estate professional.

What it all comes down to is this – simplifying your marketing campaign. Marketing takes up a lot of time if you truly hope to be successful. You must find the people who are the most interested in the properties you have to offer, and you must convince them that your properties are perfect for them. It’s a lot of work, but with these three simple steps, you can spend less time on marketing and reap greater financial benefit for your efforts.

Step One

Get rid of distractions. Sounds simple, right?

Well, this may be easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. Selling real estate is all about proving to the homeowner (seller) you’re the best person for the job. They want to know you’re going to get them the best price for their property with the least amount of hassle.

There are many real estate tools at your disposal, but you need to find what works best and what doesn’t. Get rid of the tools and “clutter” that take too much time or don’t help you produce superior results.

Step Two

Engage your clients.

As a real estate professional, you have to be willing to interact with the seller and gain their trust. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool, so you want your clients to go away happy so they spread the word about your awesomeness.

It’s good to have an online presence because sellers often turn to the Internet to find real estate agents to help sell their homes. Having said that, it’s important to have a strong community presence as well. It may sound complicated finding a happy medium between the two, but that’s where Propertybytext comes in. Utilizing the services at Propertybytext.com can help you simplify your marketing campaign and create a community presence where you’re easily accessible when you want to be.

Step Three

Remember the basics.

In our technologically automated world, it has become difficult to actually deal with a live person. Your clients want to know you care about their sale, and appreciate being able to see you and talk with you when they want. It’s called “getting back to basics,” and you’ll be surprised how just being yourself and communicating with your market directly and honestly, will improve your sales.

Propertybytext is all about making your job easier and creating a central place for sellers and buyers to come together to give and receive information quickly and easily. With services like detailed property listings, QR codes, an appointment manager so you never miss another appointment and the ability to connect to Facebook and Twitter, you are in constant control of your real estate business, and able to reach your target market (and them you) easily. You can sign up for all of these services and many more for free by visiting www.propertybytext.com.


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