Selling More Homes has NEVER been Easier!

Soon you’ll see that Text Message marketing your homes is the most effective and cost efficient form of advertising ever used in the real estate industry.

“With, you’ll show more homes in less time! Buyers have the ability to instantly view your listings on their mobile devices from anywhere.”

Whether you’re a Broker with thousands of property listings or an Agent with a handful; creating unlimited detailed property listings that can be viewed in a simple text message is only a few clicks away. You’ll be blown away by the effectiveness of text message marketing your homes.

The process is very simple:

An interested buyer sees your sign rider and sends a text message to your unique property code. In seconds they will receive the full property listing on their mobile phone with Price, # of Rooms, Detailed Property Description and Photos. Plus, our system will instantly forward the buyers phone number to you for a quick call back so you can capture the lead while it’s HOT!

Use all of these tools to Sell More Homes

  • Property Listing Simply build property listings with detailed information. Show address, price, # of rooms, property description, photos and more!
  • Auto Responders Create a sales funnel with timed auto responders to clients who subscribed to your opt-in list. Keep them informed of new properties you have for sale!
  • QR Codes Create Unlimited QR Codes for your properties. Potential Buyers use their Smart Phone QR Reader to receive property details INSTANTLY!
  • Mobile Landing Pages Build a sophisticated Mobile Landing Page showcasing your business or create a simple eBusiness card. Our system can make both with ease!
  • Appointment Manager Keep track of your appointments and never miss a potential sale. You can send text reminders to your clients and receive confirmation of attendance or to reschedule.
  • Scheduled Tasks You can schedule text messages for a later date and keep track of them with our Scheduled Tasks Manager feature.
  • Connect Twitter Connect your Twitter account to Tweet all of your properties for sale! Increase your reach to potential home buyers.
  • Connect Facebook Connect your Facebook Account to Post all of your properties for sale! Interact with your clients and sell more homes.
  • Free Ad GeneratorCreate flyers and Print, Email, Download or Send to Facebook and Twitter!     Click here to see a sample.


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