Selling Your Home Has NEVER Been Easier!

Decided not to use a real estate agent to sell your home?
That’s fine with us!

You can save money and sell your home faster with Use our real estate text messaging solution to instantly show your home to interested buyers.

As a For Sale by Owner, we’re sure you’d like to sell your home fast and with less hassle.  Once buyers see a For Sale by Owner sign, they think it’s ok to knock on your door for a house tour.  Who wants an unexpected house guest?  By using our text messaging system, your potential buyer can get a full tour of your home right on their mobile phone without bothering you.

The process is very simple:

An interested buyer sees your sign rider and sends a text message to your unique property code. In seconds they will receive the full property listing on their mobile device with Price, # of Rooms, Detailed Property Description and Photos.  Plus, our system will instantly forward the buyers phone number to you for a quick call back.  Who needs a buyer standing outside your home, wondering if they like the inside?  Now they can see it INSTANTLY!

Easy to Use Features

  • Property ListingSimply create your property listing with detailed information. Show address, price, # of rooms, property description, photos and more!
  • Auto Responders Create a sales funnel with timed auto responders to interested buyers who inquired about your home. Keep them informed on price drops or if the home was sold.
  • QR Codes Create a QR Code for your property. Potential Buyers use their Smart Phone QR Reader to receive property details INSTANTLY!
  • Mobile Landing Pages Build a sophisticated Mobile Landing Page showcasing your property. Or create a simple eBusiness card. Our system can make both with ease!
  • Free Ad GeneratorCreate flyers and Print, Email, Download or Send to Facebook and Twitter!     Click here to see a sample.


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