How Real Estate Mobile Marketing Can Increase Your Leads and Home Sales

Jan 08, 13 | Posted by: Property by Text on Mobile Advertising, SMS Marketing, Text Marketing Tips

In a world where nearly everyone owns a cell phone – and uses them for everything from making grocery lists to finding their way around town – it makes perfect sense that real estate mobile marketing is where you need to be to sell property. Whether you’re a private homeowner looking to sell your home on your own, or a real estate professional trying to move multiple properties, real estate mobile marketing can help you increase your leads and make that sale quicker.

How Real Estate Mobile Marketing Works

The concept is simple, really. It requires less of your valuable time than traditional methods used in real estate, and gives potential buyers access to detailed information about the property they are looking at. In addition to these great benefits, mobile marketing allows you to build a targeted lead list of potential buyers for future use.

Here is how it works:

You (the seller or real estate professional) place a sign, flyer or business card at the property that contains a QR code. QR codes are scannable codes much like the bar code you find on the products you buy – only better. QR codes have the ability to link potential buyers to your website to view information on the property. Most cell phones with cameras and smartphones are capable of reading QR codes.

Besides QR codes, you can also include a text ID to get more information. When interested people text that ID for more information, you gain a new lead.

By offering potential buyers detailed property information via mobile phone, you are making it easy for them to shop and compare properties to find the one that suits them best. Real estate mobile marketing is fast becoming an essential part of a modern day real estate professional’s selling strategy.

Ways to Utilize Real Estate Mobile Marketing for Maximum Results

  • Place a sign rider on each listing with your text ID.
  • Flyers – Hand out flyers with your text ID.
  • Include your text ID in newspaper and magazine ads.
  • Include your text ID on your website.
  • Include your text ID on your business cards and hand them out every chance you get.
  • Include your text ID in your email signature.
  • If you have a TV commercial, be sure to include your text ID.
  • Include your text ID in radio advertising.
  • Spread the word! Include your QR codes and text ID anywhere you can. Grocery stores usually have community bulletin boards, as do Laundromats and other public places. Take advantage of billboards and any other advertising media you can think of to let people know you have property to sell.
  • Encourage your family and close friends to help out. Give them the QR codes and text ID to give to others they meet on a daily basis. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

The simple truth is, real estate mobile marketing is growing fast. Many real estate professionals already know this and are utilizing it to gain more leads and sell properties faster. With smartphone sales outnumbering PC sales for the last several years, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of this growth and increase your leads and property sales via real estate mobile marketing.


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