Mobile Marketing… A Must for Real Estate Professionals

Jan 24, 13 | Posted by: Property by Text on Fun Text Messaging Stuff, Property By Text News, Text Marketing Tips

Real Estate ProfessionalsEverywhere you look, someone is using a mobile phone. It is estimated that there are nearly 323 million mobile subscriptions in the United States, and these subscribers are using their smartphones for everything from surfing the web, to buying movie tickets, to downloading videos and more. It makes sense that many industries are spending more of their marketing dollars on mobile marketing than ever before. This isn’t to say that traditional marketing methods don’t work anymore; it just means that reaching more people quickly has never been so easy.

One group of consumers who tend to use their mobile devices to shop is home buyers  A recent study showed that over forty-six percent of the respondents said that their cell phones were essential in their search for a new home. Sixty-eight percent said they had already contacted an agent to see a home based on their mobile search. These facts alone are enough to say in order to stay competitive in the home selling industry, real estate professionals need to start utilizing mobile marketing now.

Starting a mobile marketing strategy doesn’t require much of a change from the way traditional marketing methods work. In the real estate industry, signage and advertising is already used; it’s just a matter of implementing the mobile marketing features into these methods and adding a mobile website and online application to manage the exchange of property information. is a one-stop application that helps real estate professionals utilize mobile marketing tactics to reach more potential buyers and sell their properties faster. With several key features, real estate professionals can deliver a wealth of information and images on any property at any time – instantly!

With Propertybytext, real estate professionals can create a text messaging campaign that includes a keyword and special “code.” This keyword and code is placed anywhere the property is advertised, encouraging interested buyers to text for more information. The beauty of this tactic is the buyer gets the information he requested and the agent receives the buyer’s cell phone number to create a lead list for future use.

Propertybytext also offers QR codes, mobile landing pages and auto responders to keep clients in the know. The use of mobile marketing is catching on, and not taking advantage of everything has to offer would be a step in the wrong direction for anyone in the real estate industry.

Most of today’s consumers carry smartphones and they spend a great deal of time on them. Propertybytext’s mobile marketing services put real estate professionals in instant contact with potential homebuyers and create an interactive way to communicate directly with them. Real estate professionals who use reach their clients nearly one hundred percent of the time by delivering information straight to their client’s smartphones.


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