Tips to Maximize Your Real Estate Mobile Marketing Campaign

Dec 03, 12 | Posted by: Property by Text on SMS Marketing, Text Marketing Tips, Text Message Marketing Advice

Tips to Maximize Your Real Estate Mobile Marketing CampaignOne of the most effective ways to reach potential property buyers is through mobile marketing. Most people own a cell phone capable of scanning code and sending and receiving text messages, so taking advantage of that technology is important. Using QR codes, text IDs and auto-response SMS, you stand to increase your lead lists and property sales exponentially by reaching people through their mobile phones.

You understand the potential of a real estate mobile marketing campaign, but just exactly how do you go about putting one in action for the best results? The process is simple, really and the following list of tips will help you conduct a successful campaign that not only increases your lead lists for future use, but also allows potential buyers to gain information quickly without you having to spend a lot of time or money advertising. It is win-win for everyone involved!

  1. One of the main ways to use mobile marketing is by placing sign riders at each of your property listings. A good sign rider will contain a call-to-action instructing the buyer to send a text message for more information. This text message creates a new lead for you and gives the buyer the information he/she is looking for.
  2. Good old-fashioned advertising still works well in real estate. Flyers, postcards and business cards are wonderful to hand out or send in the mail, but they should contain a call-to-action as well. Include your text ID so interested buyers can text in for more information. Again, a new lead is generated each time someone text the ID and the buyer gets the information they want.
  3. If you advertise in newspapers, on television or on the radio, your text ID should be included so anyone seeing or hearing your ads can text in for more information. This is a good way to generate more leads for future use and meet the demands of potential buyers.
  4. Your website is the best source of information for potential buyers. If you have it set up correctly, people interested in your listings can find the information they seek quickly. Do not forget to include your call-to-action with your text ID in a prominent place on your website to generate hot leads and make it easy for your visitors to get the information they need.
  5. As a real estate professional, you probably send out several emails each day. Whether to other real estate professionals or potential buyers, your emails should contain a signature with your contact information and a call-to-action with your text ID. Should the recipients forward your emails to friends or family, your text ID is there for them to gain more information.
  6. If you use sign riders, you have the opportunity to include QR codes. Mobile phone with cameras and most smartphones are capable of scanning the QR code to receive more information on the listing. This is a great way to provide a wealth of information for potential buyers without having to spend a lot of time answering questions yourself.
  7. Don’t forget about word of mouth. Promote your real estate mobile marketing campaign everywhere you can and encourage your family and friends to spread the word.


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