What Using QR Codes Says About your Real Estate Business

May 02, 13 | Posted by: Property by Text on SMS Marketing, Text Marketing Tips


Quick Response codes (QR codes) are nothing new. In today’s world, they’re on everything from signage to packaging. The younger generation is more apt to use these little technological codes than older folks, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using them in your marketing campaign. As a matter of fact, QR codes should only be one part of your mobile marketing strategy so you’re sure to reach as many age groups as possible.

Let’s take a look at how QR codes can be used in a successful mobile marketing campaign for real estate, and more importantly, what they say about your as a brand. Branding is all about what makes you unique – what makes you stand out from the competition. As a realtor, you know competition in the industry is fierce. You know you have to go above and beyond by staging properties, matching the right buyer with the right house, and addressing concerns that your clients may have. These things are all well and good, but to really make yourself stand out as a brand, there’s always room for improvement. One way to do this is by using QR codes in your mobile marketing strategy.

What Does Using QR Codes Say About Your Brand?

When someone uses a QR code, it tells you a couple of things. First, it tells you the person may be just a little more serious about their house hunt than the next guy, and second, it tells you the buyer may be a little further along in the process and may be comparing properties to make a decision. This is your opportunity to make a great first impression, especially if you’re not their realtor already. QR codes can help you do that by telling the buyer that:

  1. You’re technologically savvy – Times change, and no matter the industry, it must change with them. By using QR codes in your mobile marketing campaign, you’re telling potential buyers that you know what they want and are willing to provide it for them, even if it means using new technologies. It says you keep up with the times to make their search easier.
  2. You care about your clients – Expanding from the point above, this is important enough to warrant its own entry. When interested buyers use your QR codes, what they see is critical. First and foremost, the information should be upbeat and positive, and you should start by thanking them for taking the time to look at your message. An inviting tone is key!
  3. You understand their time is valuable: Everything in the real estate business is time sensitive. Whether the client is buying or selling, they always worry about being left in the cold by the realtor. Using QR codes tells them that you’re willing to do things on their terms by using “fast” technology to meet their needs. This builds trust and respect.

A successful mobile marketing campaign should include the use of QR codes to make it easier for interested buyers to get information on your properties. As a realtor, the benefits you’ll reap by using them far outweigh the small amount of work involved. And, if you use Propertybytext.com, using QR codes is even easier! Use the opportunity to make a grand first impression and you’ll soon notice an increase in clients and sales!

Come back again soon when we discuss how to use QR codes for real estate. You probably already know they should go on lawn signs, but you’ll be surprised at the many other ways to use them!


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